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Mini Column Clock
Black, Gray or Botticino marble
3" W x 3 1/2" H x 1 3/8" D

Tapered Bookends
Black Marble, Jade Green Marble, Black Zebra Marble or Amber Onyx
4" w x 6" H x 2 1/2" D
$60.00 pair

Bevel Marble Plaque
Botticino Marble
Small 7" W x 9" H x 3/4" D $58.00
Medium 8" W x 10" H x 3/4" D $62.00
Large 9" W x 12" H x 3/4" D $68.00

Cathedral Clock
Jade Green Marble
6 3/4" W x 8" H x 2 1/2" D

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Items pictured are our most popular. If you have a particular need, please ask us about it. We have many more items from which to choose.

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